onsdag 30 april 2008


Movies from Mondays workout.

Failed log lift 140 kg. Would have been an even better film if he made it. Still a nice waltz.

Farmers Walk 2x100 kg, not PR, but close.

(Johans yoke walk wouldn't upload. Bad connection?)

måndag 28 april 2008

The Monthly Strongman Workout

A few days in advance... no overhead stability and grip strength lacking, no surprise. But got close to PR in farmers walk, walked the yoke well, and PR:ed on the stones, so the rest of the body functioned well.

We closed the workout with a medley - 15m 100kg cross walk, 4x300 kg tire flip and 15m 100kg sled drag. I thought (before) that 100 kg was to little and that Johan & Fredrik were sissies, but after the flips that was an ok weight. Hard but not too hard, a good finisher.

fredag 4 april 2008


Deadlift hold 2x150 kg 18 secs.

Axle deadlift (double overhand, which makes it a pure grip exercise) 162 kg, almost made it.

Axle deadlift (mixed grip) 210 kg, could probably have done 5 kg more, but this was the first exercise and I thought I should save the back.

Fredrik doing farmers walk with 2x140 kg.

Conans walk, first time in almost three years.

torsdag 3 april 2008

The Monthly Strongman Workout

A really good workout today together with Fredrik and Johan, didn't bring a list of PRs so I have to look those up to compare, but at least one PR, three close or PR, and a lousy truck pull which possibly was because of to little air in the tires (Fredrik didn't pull too well either). Will put up videos and pictures tomorrow.
A recovery meal, don't usually follow the zone, or any other specific diet, but had some fun trying to create a 5 block 2X fat Zone-meal. The meat is guestimated at 150g =5P, the asparagus=1C, the tomatoes=2C, the sports drink=2C and the veggies fried in butter, about 10F.