lördag 23 augusti 2008

Test run

Strongman practice to see if calf could take the abuse. Viking press, truck pull (where I probably PB:ed, clock failure), farmers walk, arm-over-arm pull, atlas stones.

Tried walking 40m (less than half my PB) twice with 2x90 kg, calf gave up halfway through second walk. No competition next Saturday, won't drive that distance and probably not be able to get through the first event.

lördag 2 augusti 2008

Wet Helen

Did "Helen" together with Martin and Henrik. It rained a lot which made grip a big trouble (have never done Helen with kettlebell before, that might have had an impact on grip also).

Time 8:41 (PB 8:18 with 26 kg db swings and dry pullup bar), broke both second and third sets of pullups, never happened before.