tisdag 11 mars 2008

Monthly Strongman Workout

Fredrik had bought a deadlift suit, so I brought mine (not used in years), worked up to a heavy single at 230. Yoke walk up, earlier I have used 255 but we didn't feel like disassembling the dumbells to get small weights, so I used 280 kg over 20 m with one drop, a little bit heavy, considering the wobbling nature of the implement... Farmers walk, arm-over-arm pulley machine, atlas stones.

Did what I should today, nothing more.

söndag 2 mars 2008


Played badminton against Ronny today. First game against him in years. Won four straight sets, much thanks to him lacking "cardio".

Badminton is good for me, forces me to work with finesse, or try to. Lifting, circuits & cardio is mostly grunt work. If I wrestle I try to out-muscle the opponent, if I play soccer I try to out-run the opponents. In badminton (or volleyboll or tennis) that is not an option.