tisdag 12 februari 2008

The Monthly Strongman Workout

After having been postponed twice, the workout finally happened. With a temperature just above freezing, and a light rain in the air, and we feeling a bit weak and tired, we decided to stay indoors the whole workout.

Farmers Walk, max weight for 10m - I managed 2x120 kg, failed 2x130.
Yoke Walk, max weight for 10m - I managed 280 kg, lifted 320 without intention of even trying to walk with it.
Arm-over-arm-pulley, couldn't get a decent try maxing out because of equipment failure, but did slightly over 6 turns with 70 kg, PR by ½+ turn.
Atlas stone, 120 kg for max height - did 120 cm quite comfortably (on a bet with my dinner at stake), lost hold of stone when launching from the lap for 130 cm.

Usually we don't go this heavy, but do more for speed and distance and reps instead, but we felt like mixing it up today. (Picture from last summer, didn't bring camera to the workout)

All in all a decent workout.