söndag 22 juni 2008

Flip & muscle-up

Light tire flips 2x5 in 18.22 secs and 19.68 secs, haven't flipped a tire this light in four years, it's a totally different technique than when flipping a heavier tire (PB is 14.98 secs, so this wasn't thrilling). The tire wasn't dry, that might have cost a second or two... but still.

Proceeded with 30 muscle-ups in 4:56, followed by another 20 in total time of 10:51. Rings hung from bar appx 3½m high, much easier than the usual 7-8m, but not so much easier that I had hoped.

No jumping down from reps and strived for full extension at bottom, but didn't tape and don't think I succeeded 100%.

lördag 21 juni 2008


Got stood up by my doubles partner (my brother) so the three of us that showed up played half-set matches against each other, first to three games win, you have to win by two games, or by tie-break at 3-3. I won all my four matches. Strong winds today made it hard to play.

onsdag 11 juni 2008

Rest day tennis

Singles game against my brother (6-3 6-1). Now we're back at same level as last year. Or maybe better (doesn't mean much though :)).

lördag 7 juni 2008


Today we played tennis AKA working on the tan. Played with my brother against Emil & Pelle. We lost 1-6 3-6 4-6, not a great start on the season, last year we won all three matches.

Later I swam ~100 meters, record-warm water for first half of June?