torsdag 3 april 2008

The Monthly Strongman Workout

A really good workout today together with Fredrik and Johan, didn't bring a list of PRs so I have to look those up to compare, but at least one PR, three close or PR, and a lousy truck pull which possibly was because of to little air in the tires (Fredrik didn't pull too well either). Will put up videos and pictures tomorrow.
A recovery meal, don't usually follow the zone, or any other specific diet, but had some fun trying to create a 5 block 2X fat Zone-meal. The meat is guestimated at 150g =5P, the asparagus=1C, the tomatoes=2C, the sports drink=2C and the veggies fried in butter, about 10F.

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Jag som trodde alla Uppsala-bor endast åt på "My Number One"(.se)